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A decree written up by a divorce lawyer in Newton, KS.For a divorce Lawyer in Newton KS, choose Cornerstone Law to help you with every step along the way. A divorce is a life-altering event. Unlike almost any other legal matter, during a divorce proceeding emotions are heightened and can lead to poor decisions on the part of both parties involved. Marriage is a legal bond between the two of you. When going through this, you’re not just separating on an emotional level but on a legal one. This is when the objective views of an attorney can be your best asset.

Let us take care of the details and fight for what you deserve. Our experienced staff of attorneys will arrange every aspect of your divorce agreement, to make sure that you are properly taken care of in the future. Many of our services including:

  • Child custody, support, and visitation
  • Alimony
  • Division of property and assets
  • Grounds – fault/no-fault
  • Mediations

We know your rights within your jurisdiction. For the right divorce lawyer in Newton KS, choose Cornerstone Law and we’ll make sure your future is secure, for you and you children. Contact us today and let us get to work for you. We’re here to help.


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